Learn Music and English the fun and fast way!

You want your child to advance in life, to set them up for a bright future.
The mastery of English is one of the most important skills your child can obtain.
However, homeschooling can be hard and time consuming!
It’s difficult to force your child to study when all they want to is play and have fun.

Can you imagine that learning English together would actually be the best part of your day?

Even 2-year old kids manage to fully engage during a
40-minute class. And the learning results, both music and English, are staggering!

Our classes have been optimized around your child’s attention span and learning.

We entertain your child and make learning fun, with music and interaction.

You are the best teacher ever

The best teacher ever! Even during the Corona-times, all our learning could still continue. This really gave us a good feeling as a family!

– Phillip and Katja Gruber

Our classes have been optimized around your child’s attention span and learning.

Early child brain development

Unique parent-child bonding experience

Music and English combined

Online and time saving

Fun and interaction with other kids

What do we offer?

  • 4-week and 17-week programs with live teaching sessions
  • Digital workbook
  • 5 online bedtime stories
  • 4 sing-along songs
  • Digital Certificate of Completion (upon minimum of 80% attendance)

What we ask of you?

  • Full Parental participation
  • Good internet connection with camera angled towards the student
  • Keyboard on a child-size table/desk
  • Have fun with your child/ren while learning

My personal story

When I was young, my mom was called in by the school principal that I was failing English classes miserably (I moved to the US from South Korea at age 10).
My mom replied in her broken English… you play piano teacher? no… the teacher said… my mom said…well my daughter play piano she will graduate. She will be fine.
My mom was right! Not only did I go to USC, the University of Southern California, on a scholarship, I set up my own Language and Music School!
I know how challenging learning can be, and how frustrating this can feel. That’s why I created a program for learning English through Music. The best part? It is more effective than traditional programs and more fun at the same time. A big part of our students have been admitted to the top music institutes, only to confess to me: “I actually learn more with you Isabella.”

Hi Miss Isabella,

Shania would like to share with you her certificate from the last online piano competition she participated in. She played the Mozart Sonata KV 545 2nd movement in the age group 7-8 yrs and got a merit award. She‘s very proud and practicing the first movement and the rondo even more now, to be able to play the whole sonata one day or better the day of your competition.

– Shania & Nikola

We love it! The quality of learning and playing combination is so great and you have that opportunity with your child as a parent to sit and learn together that really gives you this quality time that you feel you finally found with your child.

– Mother of Julie

Our daughters are being educated in German and still it is great to see how they can follow the lessons. Learning English for them is very easy here, to understand it and to sing the songs.

– Mother of Naima

This is NOT for you if:

  • You would like your child to take the hard road to learning
  • You are not committed to learning together
  • You don't like not making music together
  • You don't like the flexibility online classes offer

This is for you if:

  • You care about your child’s academic development through easy learning
  • You want to make learning fun for them
  • You prefer interaction over prerecorded classes and the flexibility the online classes offer
  • You want to invest in quality time together with your child

Now is the right time to switch to online classes

Continuity is important for children’s learning, we can guarantee the availability of our classes.

Our classes are a good way for children and parents to relax together

Frequently Asked Questions:

There is no need to force any children to do something against their will.  Many children gravitate towards engaged and active virtual learning due to a high rate of positive reinforcement from the teacher. This interaction makes learning fun and interactive, with immediate feedback.  In addition, the parent is getting their children ready for the digital world, which is the way of the future.  This is unlike watching TV, which is a very passive engagement. The pace of learning is quick, varied, and highly motivating so your child will likely gravitate towards this learning session.   If you have any questions, please let us know.  We can refer you to our in-house Learning Specialist.

Yes, as long as the babysitter or any guardian who can be there to assist the child and get enthusiastic in singing and learning English together!

We do require one of the parents to be present during the whole class. We understand that this takes time off your already busy schedule. Based on our 20 years of experience, the speed rate of learning is twice as fast when parents participate together in class as compared with those who don’t. The classes also serve as a bonding time with your children, so it’s worth the time investment!

Yes, we take attendance and upon 80% of steady attendance, the students will receive a Certificate of Completion in each level. We are not strict, but structured. We only want to emphasize the importance and the value of learning art and language. Without a consistent routine and attendance, the students will not understand the value of learning.

We do not offer 2nd sibling discount. However, we offer early bird registration discounts which every student received 5% discount when they register before a pre-registration deadline ends.

Yes, we offer private lessons as long as the child is ready to interact one-on-one. We offer 25 minute, 40 minute, and 55 minute program. For beginners or children under the age of 6, we recommend 25 minute lesson program.  Please contact us for scheduling a trial/evaluation lesson.

We’ll help your little munchkins enjoy music and learn English at the same time.

By storytelling, singing, dancing and playing musical instruments.
All within the same class and all online.

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